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Sites we like

Bruce Campbell
I shouldn't even have to explain this one. If I do, you're probably at the wrong site.
George Carlin
He's funny because he's right.
Kurt Vonnegut
The man is my hero for the following reasons:
  • He's the greatest living satirist.
  • He did an interview for Playboy.
  • He openly admits that everything he says is horseshit.
  • He helped make science fiction a viable art form.
  • He simultaneously prays to and for humanity.
Low Res Records
313 bit hardcore shit. Low Res is a Detroit based hardcore record label. They make your eardrums hurt. In a good way. Home to Bombardier, Davros, I:GOR, Venetian Snares and more.
Rematter Records
Good music by good people. Home to Himawari, Gr3yman and others. I never knew music could be so cuddly.
StubHub is an online ticket marketplace, and just happens to sign my paychecks. If you're looking for tickets to a sold-out event or just want the best seats in the house, this is your spot. They do nifty charity work, too.
I have no idea how this man maintains his level of prolificness. Simply amazing. Matt is the standard by which all other pop culture sites are judged.
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