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Bruce Campbell Interview

A SweatpantsErection.com Non-exclusive

May 21, 2005

If you've been paying any attention at all, you know by now that we here at SweatpantsErection.com love us some B-Movies. In fact, next to stupid pugs and making fun of Britney, Elizabeth Berkley and Jesus, there isn't much that we care for more.

Whether you've heard of him or not, Bruce Campbell is among the most revered artists in the B-Movie pantheon. As an actor, Bruce has participated in such classics as The Evil Dead 1 & 2, Army of Darkness, Xena: Warrior Princess, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2 and Congo. He is also the author of If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a "B" Movie Actor, the soon to be released Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way and he directed, produced or wrote many of the guilty pleasures you never realized you had someone to thank for.

If you're still scratching your head as to who this Bruce guy is, I present to you the requisite "Oh! That dude!" photo:

Bruce Campbell, Superstar

Bruce recently found it within his heart to answer my persistent and humiliatingly reverent emails with answers to 10 questions of my choosing. His rules for the parlay were that the questions number exactly 10, that they require a single answer each and that they not require him to retread answers from his own site, Bruce-Campbell.com.

Seeing as Bruce is a big star and all, I immediately agreed to his conditions. What follows is the email exchange between his chin-ness and yours truly. And, yes, I was starstruck.

Anyway, here it is. Enjoy.

You've been making movies with Sam Raimi since you were in high school together. His brothers Ted and Ivan have also both contributed consistently to your common projects, including The Evil Dead, Army of Darkness and both Spider-Man films. I'm guessing that you know them better than most as a result. If you had to categorize the Raimi brothers, which category would each fall into and why? Sam Raimi, Evil Genius
  1. The Raimi you bring home to mother
  2. The Raimi your mother warned you about
  3. The Raimi that must be stopped at any cost
(All of them are) #3 because the Raimis are unstoppable. With Spider-Man, Sam will take over the world and enslave us all.

Bruce Campbell in Spider-Man 2 You portrayed the wrestling ring announcer that names Spider-Man in the first Spider-Man movie, and the "Snooty Usher" in Spider-Man 2. Is there any role you're itching to play in Spider-Man 3?
Yes - Man who Torments Spider-Man. I hope to nail that role in the next one.

Another actor that's starred in both of the Spider-Man films is "The Classic," Sam Raimi's 1973 Oldsmobile Delta Royale. It also makes appearances in each of the Evil Dead films and had a guest spot in your book If Chins Could Kill. Since you've shared so much screen time over the years, do you have a favorite story about "The Classic?"
Yes. I tried to kill it once for our second film, Crimewave. There was no car prepped for what we needed to film the next day, so I offered up Sam's original car. In order to use it up on a platform, for a rear screen projection process, they had to take out the car's engine, the transmission, and weld the wheels up in a fixed position. When Sam found out, he began writing Evil Dead II the next day.
Sam Raimi's car - The Classic

Speaking of classics, I recently became aware of Evil Dead 1&2: The Musical, which includes a song called "What the Fuck Was That?" Have you seen this? Do you have any thoughts on it? Evil Dead the Musical
I have only heard good things, but I have, as yet, not seen it. I hope it goes on to become something huge.

Evil Dead has spawned two sequels, several video games and a massive, cult-like following. As a franchise, it has definitely joined the pantheon of horror classics. As such, is there any truth to the rumors that Ash may join the fracus in a Freddy vs. Jason sequel?
No. That idea sucks.

In addition to the distinctive slapstick/gore hybrid of the Evil Dead series, you've starred in Bubba Ho-Tep, which is the story of an elderly Elvis and African-American JFK battling a bathroom stall graffiti-ing Mummy. Additionally, your upcoming film, Man With the Screaming Brain, is about a man who falls prey to a mad scientist that merges his brain with, depending on which account you believe, either a Latino street hustler named Paco or a former KGB agent named Yegor. Firstly, which account should we believe, and what is it about such unique material that appeals to you so? Bruce Campbell in Bubba Ho-Top
The KGB agent is the correct version. I'm attracted to material that doesn't bore me -- like any viewer. That's why B movies aren't all bad -- they offer up more unique fare.

I've heard rumors of an impending Bubba Ho-Tep sequel. Are they true, and, if so, where will the story take us this time around?
The rumors are true, but I can't get into the story at this point, other than to say that it's a sequel and a pre-quel all in one. T.C.B., baby~

Your consistent on-screen persona is a distinctive blend of classic leading man, sardonic, jaded jerk and self deprecating everyman -- an interesting mix, to be sure. What life experiences, professional or otherwise, have contributed to your unique style of character portrayal?
I must have a learning disability. I'm not really sure, other than to say that I feel an actor should be entertaining first and foremost -- and also accessible. Beyond that, I make it up as I go along.
Bruce Campbell

Your upcoming book, Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way is a mockumentary that includes you disguising yourself as Robert Evans, making deals with Jack Nicholson to Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way star in a Chinatown sequel and giving relationship advice to Richard Gere. What is the common thread here?
The common thread is that this book is more real than it isn't. Every character in the book is based on someone living or dead in the film business.

If evil ninjas kidnapped your family, would you learn kung fu or hire someone who already knew it to rescue them?
I would kill them with no training. Rage would be my teacher.

Shop smart~

Bruce "don't call me Ash" Campbell
Five-Oh! Five-Oh!

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